Windows gadget bar not updating

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I have the "feeds" sidebar gadget for Windows 7, set to show MSNBC news feeds.

My Windows 7 is updated properly as per Windows Update. I use this gadget a lot and would like to fix whatever is wrong.

The sidebar could contain active content, providing weather information, a clock, network status, system status, unread email counts, or almost any other piece of information the user desired.The core reason for them not being displayed properly on the system appears to be DPI locking.While this solution solves the issue or problem, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method.The browser did not cause any issues on Windows 8 in this regard, which is understandable considering that Microsoft did remove the gadgets option from the desktop part of the operating system. Apparently, gadget display issues are caused by DPI settings that are not set to default values.If you have selected Medium or Larger, or modified the DPI in the Registry for even higher values, you will run into gadget display errors on the system.

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