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It isn’t just about changing the layout of your ads though.

We also help you test across different ad networks.

Try to "own" the search for a select number of terms. To learn more about our used cars, trucks and automobiles call 1-800-used-cars today. You can style header tags by using some simple CSS to match your Website. For example: used-cars-1965with an alt tag of "Used Cars -1965 Thunderbird." 9. When linking from one page to another on your Website, use your specific keywords or phrases. Upload your sitemap where your front page (index file) is located, then just tell Google, Yahoo, and Bing where it's located at ( (It takes about five minutes.) Add your sitemap location to the and you won't have to submit it to the search engines manually like above. One easy way to do it: Find related subject RSS feeds and add a couple to your Website too.

Try tools like SEO Book, Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker (I also like using Google Insights for trending results. Now, let's talk about what's on your site and how to optimize it.

(I consider this part to contribute only about 30 percent to your overall search rank. They know what a real sentence, paragraph, and links should look like. Focus on 5-20 main related keywords or phrases for your entire Website. Use header, bold, and italic tags throughout your Web pages. These tell search engines what you allow or disallow them to add to their search engine. Search engines give more importance to Websites that link to other related sites, especially if they're local to your city or state, or industry.

They are not a client, I have no alliegnece with them but they're like the Google of online dating.

Their blog is an A example of how to write engaging content which gets links.

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